Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Waad Nadhir - How to Lead in a Professional Setting

Waad Nadhir is a business owner, entrepreneur, and commercial real estate developer who has experience working in leadership positions for several companies. Leading in a professional setting can be difficult, and there are some things that all business leaders should understand when it comes to working with their employees. Here are some tips for leading in a professional setting.

As a leader in business, you need to trust the people who work for you. This is essential to having a productive work environment because it will mean that you don’t micromanage through your position. Having trust in your employees means that you believe they are capable of completing daily tasks without your supervision, which will keep things running efficiently.

Always lead with compassion and understanding. If you have an employee who regularly completes their work without issue, don’t get overly upset when a mistake is finally made. Simply address the mistake with your employee, and use it as a learning experience for all those involved. This will also make your employees feel comfortable in the work place.

You need to understand the difference between a lack of motivation, and a lack of skill when dealing with an underperforming employee. If there is a lack of skill, these can be taught in a relatively short amount of time, but a lack of motivation will require more care on your part as a leader. Figure out what motivates an underperforming employee, if it is not an issue of skill.

Waad Nadhir has been a leader for a variety of businesses, including the companies he founded himself; he trusts his employees.