Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Waad Nadhir - The Entitlement Process for Properties in California

Waad Nadhir is expert in the world of entitlement properties in California. One of the many projects that Steadfast has been sponsoring since Nadhir started working with them is a series of senior living developments in Southern California. Due to zoning and property development laws in the state, the entitlement process can be very complex and lead to many costly delays if not followed carefully and properly. Nadhir has helped BOSC Realty navigate this process numerous times in his career.

Development projects need approval from the community where the development is taking place to proceed. The entitlement process exists to ensure that both the developers and the community are getting what they need and want from a specific project. Waad Nadhir works to establish relationships with community leaders and to iron out any legal issues (such as zoning or community dissent) before any work on the development starts to avoid problems that could delay or halt the project. Waad Nadhir also sets up a positive community outreach system to build good publicity for a new entitlement project in a given area.

Waad Nadhir built his reputation on his experience and knowledge of the development process in different parts of the United States. His experience running his own retail businesses also helps in his work today as a property development specialist and consultant. He has completed many projects in many different communities.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Waad Nadhir - Renting a Retail Space

Waad Nadhir has worked for many years in the property development industry in his community of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. As the President of BOSC Realty Advisors, he has managed, financed, and acquired many properties in the area, including retail spaces and office parks. Nadhir has helped create opportunities for new businesses to come into his community and set up shop. Here are three important first steps to selecting a retail space for a new business owner:

  • Strategic location. A business owner himself, Waad Nadhir knows how important it is to know your customers. When picking a retail place to set up shop, you have to ask yourself what about a place will be appealing to them when they choose to come to your store. Know the demographics of the neighborhood, study the other businesses: what do they sell, how are they set up? Find out if your new business will be a good fit in a given area.

  • Consider a broker. Brokers charge hefty fees sometimes, but they can also be worth it in the long run. Waad Nadhir works closely with many property brokers as a part of his job. Brokers can act as “buffers” between you and the sellers of the property. They can negotiate on your behalf, find you better possible locations, and much more. 

  • Make sure to inspect the property. This may be a no-brainer to some, but when you’re inspecting a property, make sure to take note of specific repairs you’ll have to do and possible maintenance issues that may arise.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Waad Nadhir - Three Strategies for Making Profits off of Your Land

Waad Nadhir is an experienced property developer and knows how to make profits from land ownership. He has many years of experience as a broker, business owner, and property developer. He is currently the President of BOSC Realty Advisors in Bloomfield Hills Michigan, where he works hard to acquire and finance new properties and consult with other property developers from all over the country. Here are three strategies for you to make profits from your land:

  • Rezoning and developing. Waad Nadhir has helped companies that have acquired land zoned for a specific purpose and developed the land when it becomes rezoned. Sometimes land zoned for residential use in some areas is more valuable than land zoned for industrial work, for example. It all depends on the location and the general economic state of the region the land sits in, among other factors. Most recently he obtained a Conditional Use Permit for Steadfast Companies in the Santa Barbara, CA area so they could convert an office building into a senior housing project.
  • Development. This is the bread and butter for Waad Nadhir and his employees at BOSC Realty Advisors. Development is probably the most lucrative and the most difficult way to make a profit from your land holdings. There are the costs of getting it approved for development, the construction costs, themselves, and building permits to start and ultimately leasing the project.
  • Buying and holding. Sometimes the best thing to do with your land is hold it and wait for it to become a more ideal place for development or rezoning. You’ll need to know the general land property value in the surrounding area to make this work in the long term.

Waad Nadhir has many years of experience helping to finance, acquire, and develop properties.